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The UK is experiencing rapid growth in the industries of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, yet there is a shortfall in the number of students choosing to enter these careers.  Many assumptions exist: engineering is greasy, maths is geeky and science is just too hard!  In particular, girls are assuming that many of these fields are for boys only and therefore don't consider the wide range of STEM careers on offer.

At Dene Magna, we are proud to encourage students to explore every type of career rather than make any assumptions, and given this national shortage we deliberately expose students to the truth about STEM careers; that there is an enormous array of jobs offering excellent salaries and prospects open to both boys and girls.  Have a read of our STEM information Flyer below to understand more of what we do.

During recent years we have launched rockets with students, visited several factories, hosted an RAF robotics day, held photographic workshops and brought in several guest speakers.

Within the last few months, our budding Engineers have visited Hinckley Point C construction site, and we had a very successful 'Med/Vet Careers Week' where students had the opportunity to visit off-site medical facilities, and we welcomed a wide variety of professionals on-site as they hosted seminars and workshops. All of this was to encourage those who have expressed an interest in Medical or Veterinary Science careers.

Have a look at our amazing videos to see just how much fun STEM is at Dene Magna!

Med/Vet Week

Rocketry Trip

RAF Lego Coding


Each term we also provide recommended reading books that inspire and encourage students in exploring STEM careers.

For more information, contact Mr Jones (our STEM Lead Teacher) or take a look at our STEM flyer (link below).

You can view and follow our STEM Facebook page here