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School Games & Forest Games

Steve Gooch Estate Agents Soccer 7's Qualifiers
We hosted the north area qualifiers for the Steve Gooch Estate Agents Soccer 7's Primary football at Newent School on Wednesday 8th May. We all actually saw some really good football matches in the mixed weather and my thanks goes out to all the teams for their sporting behaviour and following the games values throughout the day.
Our School Games Organiser, Alan Beard would like to offer a special mention of thanks to students Sasha & Niamh who have been working with Alan as part of their work placement for Hartpury College.  They have been with Alan for a while now and have shown some quality leadership throughout the last five months and much appreciation  is shown to both girls for their support of School & Forest Games in our area.
On the day itself we had some real quality support from Newent School and especially five of their students who acted as top quality referees and officials on the day.
All the games were played with high passion and energy and well done to Mitcheldean and Westbury school teams who both came out very worthy 1st & 2nd place on the day.   We also had the goal of the tournament so far scored by one of Mitcheldean's talented female players early on in the tournament. 
Well done to all the teams today at Newent and the top 2 teams now go through to the Soccer 7 Finals on the Tuesday 25th June at Newent School where they meet Primrose Hill & Coalway in the play off finals.
The Full Results on the qualifiers north Forest area: 
Team Position                  Points     Goals for   Goals Against     W D L
1: Mitcheldean                 26pts        11                2                      5 0 1
2: Westbury                     23pts         5                 1                      4 1 1
3: Ann Cam                      19pts         8                 5                       3 1 2
4: St Whites A                  19pts          7                6                       3 1 2
5: Picklenash                    15pts          6                7                      2 1 3
6: St Whites B                   12pts         3                 5                      1 2 3
7: Hope Brook                     6pts         0                15                     0 0 6
Steve Gooch Soccer 7's South Qualifiers
We battled the weather at The Dean Academy School on Thursday 2nd May for teams to take part in the Steve Gooch Estate Agents Soccer 7's Primary South Qualifiers.   During a full afternoon of fixtures the top teams bubbled up and did not let the downpours stop their skills and passion.
There was some very good football with a deserved first place team in Coalway School and a very close battle between Forest View and Primrose Hill for second place with Primrose Hill just squeezing through in the last game.  
Well done to all the teams for really putting in a top effort and well done to the two top teams who go through to the Forest Finals on 25th June to play the two top north teams.  It is great to get a new sponsor for this event in local company Steve Gooch Estate Agents, we give thanks to their team for supporting us. 
Many thanks to Forest Sports Education students for their full support and running of the event and The Dean Academy for use of their Astro. 
Full Results
Position:  School        Points  
1: Coalway                   27               
2: Primrose Hill            21              
3: Forest View             19            
4: Lydney                    16              
5: Blakeney                 11              
6: Pillowell                   10              
7: Aylburton                 10     
Archery Forest of Dean South Area
On Monday 29th April the sun was shining as the south area primary schools took part in the Archery at The Dean Academy School. 
Well done to all teams who took part from Clearwell, Lydney, Redbrook, Yorkley, Blakeney, Pillowell and Primrose Hill.  The overall winners were Woolaston School who will go onto the Summer School Games Finals on Thursday 13th June.
Please find the full results from today and many thanks to The Dean Academy Head of PE for letting us utilise the field, the Hartpury leaders and Xperience Archery for helping us run a smooth and enjoyable event.
The Results: 
Forest Games Secondary Mountain Biking Results
On Tuesday 23rd April we held the Forest of Dean Mountain Biking Finals on the playing fields at Dene Magna.  The event was run by Dene Magna Student volunteers alongside organiser Alan Beard.  We had keen students from year groups 7, 8 and 9 from 4 Secondary schools, Wyedean, Newent, Five Acres and Dene Magna.
We had some close competitions during the dry evening and Dene Magna Team competed very well and won 3 races in year 7 boys & girls, then year 8 boys which made them overall winners for this team event.  Newent Year 8 Girls took the next team race, followed by Five Acres winning a very close Year 9 boys race and Year 9 Wydean Girls taking the last team race.
A massive thank you to the students who gave up their time to help to help run the event and their is a photo of these students below. 


Year 7  Boys  Winners (3 riders, 3 Laps)

Winning Time






Dene Magna













Year 7  Girls  Winners (3 riders, 3 Laps)

Winning Time






Dene Magna













Year 8  Boys  Winners (3 riders, 3 Laps)

Winning Time






Dene Magna













Year 8  Girls  Winners (3 riders, 3 Laps)

Winning Time



















Year 9 Boys  Winners (3 riders, 3 Laps)

Winning Time






Five Acres













Year 9 Girls Winners (3 riders, 3 Laps)

Winning Time


















Primary SEND Panathlon Day
We had a super Panathlon SEND Day for pupils from Forest primary schools as part of the School Games on Thursday 28th March at Hartpury College.
The Panathlon Governing Body supported the event so well with the support from Hartpury College Students, St James Place volunteering staff and our School Games Organiser.  100 pupils from 10 schools took part in various sporting and fun activities with the top 3 going onto the School Summer Games in this low key but engaging event. 
Well done to all the school who took part and well done to Severnbanks who were the overall winners on the day with the full results below.
1st Severnbanks 72
2nd Mitcheldean 69
3rd Tibberton 63
4th Forest View 54
5th Yorkley 50
5th Picklenash 50
7th Clearwell 48
8th Coalway 37
9th Lydbrook 33
10th Heart of the Forest 27
KS2 Primary Girls Indoor Football
Tuesday 26th March saw the 2019 finals of the GPJ Girls Indoor Football Finals in the Forest of Dean.  The Finals were played at Forest High School in there sports hall, we thank them for letting us use the facility.Two teams from the South, Lydney and Forest View played against Highnam and Mitcheldean the 2 teams from the North area who got through to the finals.
We saw some quality football by all the teams, Forest View and Lydney battled hard, however Mitcheldean and Higham, both for the second year in a row were stronger on the night and it came down to the last game against each other to see who would win.   Mitcheldean played well, however they could not hold off a storming Highnam who came away the winners with a 3-1 result.  
All the teams should be happy to make the final stages and there were some strong performances.The SGO, Alan Beard passes on many thanks to students from Hartpury University for supporting the event and well done to Highnam team, another well deserved win on the night. 
The Full Results:
1:  Highnam -       Wins  3   Goals 14   Pts  15
2:  Mitcheldean -  Wins  2   Goals 6     Pts  11
3:  Forest View -  Wins 1    Goals 6     Pts   7
4:  Lydney -          Wins 0    Goals 1     Pts  3
Forest of Dean Sports Debating Event 2019
We ran our first Sports Debating competition at Severnbanks Prmary School on Wednesday 20th March in their Sports Hall.  It is a nerve racking experience speaking aloud and Ellwood, Tutshill and Severnbanks school teams were really good as they presented who was their 'Greatest Ever Sports Coach'. 
We had coaches such as Jurgen Klopp and Sir Alf Ramsey presented by the teams.  All the teams were good and the very worthy winners were Team Tutshill who offered a really good insight and debate on Sir Alf.  Well done to all the pupils on the day.
1st:  Team Tutshill 
2nd: Team Ellwood
3rd:  Team Severnbanks
Our SGO, Alan Beard would like to thank Pete Tomley & Pam Howells from Severnbanks School for letting us utilise the school and to Hartpury College Sport students,  Lucy & Niamh who were excellent judges who really got involved with the competition. 
Tutshill now go on to the Spring Games on the 2nd April at Cheltenham College against the other county of Schools.
Quick Sticks Hockey at Dean Academy
We ran our School Games Quick Sticks Hockey South District event on Wednesday 13th March at The Dean Academy. It was a dry but very cold and windy day on the Astro, however the teams all battled hard to progress towards the finals.Thanks goes out to Andy Lord from Lydney Hockey Club for supporting the event and a huge thank you goes out to the Hartpury Students who fully supported the School Games Organiser umpiring the games and keeping score throughout the afternoon. 
We saw some really competitive matches, especially in the final rounds. This year as well as the A team competition, we also ran a B team pool to get more and different young people into sports activity.   The A teams are called the 'Lions' and should be the more knowledgeable teams around the sport with the 'Tigers' or B teams being the beginners.
The Results: 
1st:  Ellwood B        14 pts
2nd: Tutshill B         13pts (8 goals)
3rd:  Primrose BC   13pts (7 goals)
4th:  Primrose B      12pts
5th:  Pillowell B         4pts
The A Lions were in two groups:  
Group 1: 
1st: Primrose A: 15pts 2nd: Tutshill A: 11pts Ellwood A: 7 pts Pillowell A 3pts
Group 2:
1st: Lydney A: 7pts  2nd: Aylburton 6pts 3rd: Blakeney  3 pts  (& B team entry)
Group Games 4th and 3rd Place in groups:  4th were Pillowell & Blakeney 3rd
Then Tutshill A beat Lydney A  & Primrose A beat Aylburton A to reach the finals.
Primrose Hill A beat Tutshill in the finals to go through.
Well done to Primrose Hill A team & Ellwood B team who will attend the School Games County Finals on the 2nd April. 
Primary High Fives Netball Finals
We ran the Primary Schools High Fives Finals at Dene Magna on Monday 11th March in our sports hall.  We saw some superb netball played by the four finalists, we had the A team finals and the B team finals from North & South Forest Schools.   
We started off with the  B team finals and it was an incredible final over the 4 quarters.   Tutshill B and St Whites B (The Ferns) played a very tight final with either team good enough to win.  We got to full time and the result was at 5-5.   We had two minutes extra time and finally St Whites broke through and took the game 6-5 in extra time.  Well played to both teams for showing us a really hard fought final.
The A teams were up next, Tibberton A played against Woolaston A (Named Diamonds for the High Fives).  Woolaston were very strong on the night and won 5-1, Tibberton really made a great effort to contain Woolaston however there performance made them worthy winners. 
St Whites B and Woolaston A teams will now play in the Spring Games finals on Tuesday 2nd April at Cheltenham College. 
Finally we thank Janice and Sandra from Lyndean Club and the Dene Magna Students for supporting the event.
South Area High Fives Netball
We had a real mix of sun, wind and rain at The Dean Academy on Tuesday 5th March.   All the teams present played some very competitive High Fives Netball with A and Restricted B teams (The Diamonds & The Ferns) all in action.   We all felt the shooting was particularly strong on this day as the teams moved towards the final matches.
The B team who eventually won was Tutshill B who now go through to the district finals.  The A teams were in two pools with Tutshill A & Woolaston A team meeting in the South Area Finals.  Both teams had a good tournament with Woolaston coming out the winners of the final with a very strong performance,  they will meet the North Forest team in the finals in March.  The A & B team winners will go onto the School Games County Finals.
Alan Beard, School Games Organiser said, 'It was a really good show of schools netball skills so well done to all and well done to Woolaston and Tutshill School.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lyndean Netball Club based in the Forest and to Janice and Sandra and the two Dean Academy students for their support on planning and supporting the day.
South Area Results:
The B Teams (Ferns) 
1st: Tutshill 23pts 
2nd: Woolaston 19ths
3rd: Lydbrook  13pts
3rd: Soudley   13pts
4th: Primrose Hill 6pts
4th: Pillowell 6pts
Well done to Tutshill who play in the Forest Finals at Dene Magna on the 11th March.
A teams (Diamonds 1:  2 groups)  Court 1
1: Tutshill 25pts
2: Primrose 20pts
3: Berry Hill 15pts
4: Aylburton 10pts
5: St Johns 6pts
6: Pillowell 0pts
A Teams (Diamonds 2: Court 2) 
1: Woolaston  23pts
2: Bream        18pts
3: Lydbrook    13pts
4: Coalway     11pts
5: Blakeney      8pts
6: Ellwood        5pts
Pool A played Pool B in South Area A Finals:  Tutshill 1  V  Woolaston 7
Well done to Woolaston who now Play in the A team Finals on Monday 11th at Dene Magna. 
County Cross Country
On Saturday 2nd March we took a Forest Games team of runners to the Gloucestershire County finals at Cheltenham Preparatory School to run the challenging and hilly course. There were 8 areas of Gloucestershire taking part and are proud to announce that we had 4 runners qualify from the Forest of Dean who will run at the National Finals Event on the 23rd March in Leicestershire. 
Just as important is that we had a team of 10 runners in each event and they should all be very proud of their performance and running for the county qualifiers. Well done to everyone who raced from Year 6,5 and 4 in the boys and girls races. Our best wishes go to the runners who made it to the next level. On another positive note, as a team the Year 5 boys all came in 3rd overall and will all take away a medal as well as a few best placed runners. Many thanks to the overall organisers of the day.
We have a few photos to give you a flavour of the day.
School Games Key Steps Gymnastics North FOD 2019
On Tuesday 26th February we ran the North Area Key Steps Gymnastics event at Dene Magna School utilising our main hall. This is a really good event and many thanks to our student leaders from Dene Magna, Hartpury College and Miss Dews and Autumn Barnes who helped judge the competition. 
We felt that pupils who took part in the competition generally showed a really good standard on the day and at the half way point Ann Cam and Hope Brook Schools were really close. Hope Brook came through to win the competition and will go onto the County finals with St Johns on the Hill in March.  We would like to thank all the pupils for working so hard during the event and thank Dene Magna students who gave a quick display to the pupils and parents.
The Overall Results:
1 Hope Brook   95.9
2: Ann Cam      92.6
3: Forest View  92.5
4: Tibberton      91.9
5: Lydney          91.7
6: St Whites      90.9
7: Huntley         89.1
High Five Netball North Area
Lyndean Netball Club and the School Games Organiser ran the FOD north area High Fives Netball at Newent School on Wednesday 27th February.
First of all we would like to thank Janice & Sandra from the club alongside Hartpury College and Newent School students for helping run the event, as always we cannot run these events without these leaders.
We enjoyed some unseasonal beautiful weather and witnessed some good Netball by many of the teams. This year we have A (Diamonds) and B (Ferns) teams in competition and St Whites B team new to Netball won the North Area competition and they go onto play in the Forest Finals.
Overall Results: Ferns B Teams 
1: St Whites B      5 Wins      25Pts
2: Drybrook B       1 Win       14pts
2: Hartpury B        1 Win       14pts
3: Tibberton B       4 Draws   12pts
4: Mitcheldean B   1 Win       11pts
5: Westbury B       2 Draws     6pts
A Teams Group 1 Diamond Teams
1: St Whites A      2 Wins, 2D          16pts
2: Steam Mills A   1 Win,  3D           14pts
3: Hope Brook A  1 Win, 2D 1L        12pts
4: Drybrook A      3 Draws,1L            9pts
5: Picklenash A   1 Win, 3L               5pts
A Teams Group 2 Diamond Teams
1: Tibberton A           3 Wins, 1D       18pts
2: Mitcheldean A      3 Wins,1L          15pts
3: Forest View A      1 Win, 1D, 2L      8pts
3: Westbury A          1 Win,1D, 2L       8pts
4: Ann Cam             1 Draw,3L            3pts
Each Winner of the groups played and Tibberton A beat St Whites A team in the North Finals so well done to Tibberton School and much deserved.
Tibberton A and St Whites B now play in the Forest Finals on Monday March 11th at Dene Magna against the South Schools Winners.
World Cup Primary School Event
Gloucester Cricket with the Forest SGO offered our first ever Primary Key Stage 1 World Cup Cricket event on Tuesday 5th February at Dene Magna School.
We invited 10 young children from 10 schools and we all enjoyed a fun skills session.  The day was lively and loud! and I would like to thank our 7 Dene Magna volunteer leaders who came along after school to add support to the stations they worked on.  Many thanks to them.
Girls Indoor Football South
We ran the GPJ Girls KS2 Girls Indoor Football event on Tuesday 12th February at Forest High School.  It was a fun but competitive event with the winner and runner up going through to the Forest Finals.
The event was playing in two pools and the winners and runners up play each other in the semi finals.  Hartpury College Students were again on hand to support the SGO with refereeing and helping run the tournament. 
The two teams who deservedly came through were Lydney and Forest View who will meet Highnam and Mitcheldean in the GPJ Forest Finals.
It is with thanks to Hartpury College and Forest High we could run this event.
Pool Results:
A : 1st - Forest View  2nd Primrose Hill    3rd Blakeney   4th Pillowell 
B:  1st - Lydney  2nd Yorkley  3rd: Severnbanks  4th Forest Nomads 
Playoff games results were: Pillowell 0 Nomads 1 & Blakeney 3 Severnbanks 0  
The Semi Final results:
Forest View 1  v  Yorkley 0                        
Lydney 2  v  Primrose Hill 1                                                  
Congratulations to Lydney & Forest View who will both go through to the finals on the Tuesday 26th March, 3.20pm at Forest High.
Primary Gymnastics South Area Competition 
We ran a School Games beginners Key Steps Gymnastics at St Johns on the Hill School on Thursday 31st January. The event took place due to the generosity of the Welsh Gymnastics Coach Tracy Skirton who judged the event with some of her gymnasts, Millie & Raer, formerly a Commonwealth Games winner.  I would also like to thank Mr Cracknell the Head of PE who has helped us with the event agreeing for us to use the School Sports Hall.
We only have capacity for 8 Schools and the competition was a close affair with English Bicknor, Yorkley, Woolaston, Blakeney, Tutshill, St Johns On the Hill. Primrose Hill and Severnbanks all involved.  We would like to say well done to all the teams involved in the competition, some of the participants were nervous however with great passion and self belief they all took part in this event and all gave the vault and floor routines their best.
St Johns just pipped Primrose Hill to win the event.  Tutshill School took the teamwork award for supporting each other during the activities.  As this is a School Games pathway event St Johns and a North Area School winner will carry on to the Key Steps Finals at the University of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus on Tuesday 12th March.
The Results
1: St Johns on the Hill      Score: 82.1
2: Primrose Hill                            79.0
3: Yorkley                                    77.9
4: Woolaston              
5: Blakeney               
5: Tutshill                
6: Severnbanks    
7: English Bicknor
KS3 & KS4 2019 Forest Finals Badminton
Dene Magna held the Forest School Games Badminton Finals 2019 on Wednesday 30th January for the qualifying teams from Five Acres, Wyedean, Newent, Forest High and Dene Magna Key Stage 3 & 4 Students.
We had a good series of various singles and doubles matches and all school teams played some really competitive games to try and get to the County Finals played in Cheltenham on 5th February.
The KS4 Forest High boys and Wyedean School Girls were very strong and both came away with well deserved wins over Wyedean and Dene Magna.
KS4 Results - Winners:
KS 4 Boys - Forest High School 
KS 4 Girls - Wyedean School  
The KS3 competition was dominated by Newent School who beat Five Acres and Wyedean teams with some highly competitive play.
KS3 Results- Winners:
KS 3 Boys - Newent School
KS 3 Girls - Newent  School
Forest Games Primary Individual Runners Cross Country
On Thursday 24th January we ran a busy Forest Games individual Cross Country Selection Race where 190 young runners took on the Newent School Cross Country Course.  
Well done to all the young people who took part and I have put the winning Schools of the 4 races but at this stage we will not share any names.  First we had the Year 5 Girls race where a pupil from Hope Brook School won, then Year 5 Boys race where a boy from Highnam won. 
It was a good day for Highnam School where a Year 6 girl and Year 6 boy won the last races.  Alan Beard, the organiser of the event would like to thank Brett the grounds person from Newent School who helped set up the course with Alan.  
He would also like to mention the sports leaders from Newent School & Hartpury College alongside the head of PE Steve Edgell & Dave Lucas for supporting the smooth running of the event. Up to 40 runners from this day will represent the Forest of Dean Schools at the County Finals on Saturday 2nd March at St Edwards Prep School in Cheltenham.
The Gloucestershire Winter School Games
The Forest of Dean Schools had a good turn out of quality teams at the Winter Games Finals at Cheltenham Ladies College on the 21st January.
Forest View & Hope Brook Primary Schools attended the Sports Hall Athletics finals with both schools working well together.  Hope Brook just missed out on the medals in 4th place. 
In the Boccia County Finals, Heart of the Forest and Five Acres SEN School teams played well and Heart of the Forest took 2nd place.
However it was in the Primary New Age Kurling where Severnbanks Primary School & Ann Cam took the Gold and Bronze medals.  Well done to all the Forest Schools and school teams in the competitions.  It really showed off the School Games values of Teamwork, Respect and Self Belief. 
KS3 North Forest Secondary School Badminton 
Dene Magna hosted the North Area School Games Badminton Qualifiers on Wednesday 23rd January where school teams compete to reach the KS3 & KS4 Forest School Games Finals.
The images are of North area teams from Newent, Dene Magna & The Forest High Schools competing that evening. Congratulations goes to Newent School who won this Girls and Boys KS3 round.
Wyedean held the South rounds with Five Acres Boys and Wyedean Girls going through.
Dene Magna Girls and The Forest High Boys go through to the KS4 Finals where they play both Wyedean teams.The KS3 & KS4 Finals will be played later in January. 
Forest Games GPJ
We held the North Forest rounds of the Forest Games GPJ KS2 Girls Indoor Football on Tuesday 15th January 2019.
It was a very competitive event with some really good fast paced football from the schools taking part.  
We would like to thank GPJ for sponsoring this event again this year and as the evening carried on we witnessed some good skiils from teams from Ann Cam, St Whites and Picklenash, however it was Highnam and Mitcheldean who bubbled to the surface as the teams to beat.
They finished the tournament playing against each other in the final match.  Highnam finally edged in front in the final 30 seconds of the really tight and exciting game. Well done to all teams and both top 2 teams will go into the finals in March.  
It leaves Alan Beard the School Games Organiser to thank Newent School and their student leaders who helped referee and officiate the event, Many thanks Toby, Niki and Lucy. 
1: Highnam        Pts 20         
2: Mitcheldean   Pts 16                                   
3: Ann Cam       Pts 12                                  
4: St Whites       Pts  8                                                                   
5: Picklenash     Pts  4                                   
The top 2 go through to the finals against the Winning South Forest Teams at Forest High School on 26th March.
New Age Kurling for Primary Schools
We ran our first New Age Kurling event at Newent School on Thursday 10th January as part of the School Games programme.
The event was all about engaging young people from Primary Schools with various educational needs an opportunity to try this fun game against other schools in the Forest of Dean. All the teams did incredibly well and seemed to enjoy the day, which included a chance to try out table football with Gareth Dawson from Gloucestershire Cricket. We had great support from sports students from Hartpury College and Newent School Leaders. As this is a pathway event, all the schools were judged on how many games they won and implinenting the ethos of the  School Games values around teamwork, respect, self belief and honesty.
The top 3 winning schools were: 
1st:   Ann Cam 
2nd:  Severnbanks B  (School Games Values Winners)
3rd:   Severnbanks A
Well Done Ann Cam and Severnbanks B. teams as these two top teams will go forward to the next pathway competition at the Gloucestershire Winter Games on the 21st Janaury at Cheltenham Ladies College.
The School Games Values were judged on the values by all the leaders who were supporting the event.  This was seen as equally important as the playing results and a full list of schools are shown below.   (As Ann Cam/SevenBanks A were in finals so not included in values scores)
1: Severnbanks B 
2: Mitcheldean 
3: Clearwell
4: Primrose Hill
5: Highnam
Hope Brook
Yorkley B
Yorkley A
St Whites
We have some pictures from the event as shown below.
Sports Hall Athletics Forest Finals 2018-19
We ran a very exciting Forest area School Games Sports Hall Athletics at Dene Magna on Thursday 6th December.
The event is divided between small & large schools.  In attendance for the Small Schools were Highnam, Yorkley, Littledean, Lydbrook, Hope Brook, Tibberton, Ann Cam, Pillowell, Blakeney, Berry Hill, Aylburton, Steam Mills, Severnbanks, Ellwood, Westbury on Severn and English Bicknor Schools. 
For the large schools of over 121 children in KS2 we entertained Picklenash, Primrose Hill, St Whites, Lydney, Coalway, Forest View and Tutshill Schools and we would like to thank the PE staff who let us use the Sports Hall. 
Adam Burgess from Sports Hall ran the event with our SGO Alan Beard and students from Hartpury College & Dene Magna.  All the leadership students from Dene Magna & Hartpury worked really hard as they worked over 3 sessions across the whole day. 
The winners on the day were Hope Brook School (Small Schools) & Forest View (Large Schools) so well done to all who took part and both winners who did so well to bubble to the surface in this fun & exciting competition.   
The results of the top 3 schools were:
Small Schools Combined:
1: Hope Brook School
2: Highnam
3: Tibberton 
Large Schools:
1: Forest View
2: Coalway
3: St Whites
Hope Brook & Forest View will attend the Winter Games Finals are Monday 21st January at Cheltenham Ladies College Sports Centre.
2018 Forest of Dean Boccia
School Games held a great Boccia SEN event at Heart of the Forest Special School on the 3rd December.
Heart of the Forest, Five Acres, Newent & Dene Magna placed well trained teams against each other in an attempt to be the winning team for the Forest of Dean area.  Dene Magna teams played very well during the afternoon and came 2nd place in closely played matches.  We saw some really good skill by many players, however Five Acres School came out worthy winners and will go onto the county finals at Cheltenham on 21st January with Heart of the Forest automatically entered into the Special Schools competition.
Schools Results
1: Five Acres School    (A & B Team)  Combined Score:   30  pts
2: Dene Magna School (A & B Team)  Combined Score:  15  pts
3: Newent School  (A & B Team) Combined Score:   14 pts
4: Heart of the Forest SS (A & B Team Combined Score:   7 pts


Winners:  Five Acres & Heart of the Forest Also attend as the Special School 

Many thanks to Miss Watkins, Mrs Kear and the TA team for training the team on Thursday afternoons at Dene Magna, we would also like to thank Heart of the Forest School for the venue and Hartpury College Students who supported the event alongside the SGO and Anna Eaton from Cotswold Crusaders.




U16 School Games

The Under 16’s District School Games Finals were dominated by Dene Magna School on Wednesday 21st November.  The Dene Magna Boys A team won all their games against Newent, Wyedean, Five Acres & Dene Magna B team. 

The Dene Magna Girls team won all their games against Wyedean & Five Acres.  Both teams will now go on to compete in the County Finals on Tuesday 4th December.   All three Dene Magna teams played some superb table tennis.

U16 Boys full Results:

1: Dene Magna A   20 points (4 wins) 

2: Newent.             12 Pts (2 wins, 1 draw & 1 lost)

3: Dene Magna B  10 Pts (2 wins, 2 lost)

4: Wyedean             7 Pts (1 Win, 1 draw, 2 lost)

5: Five Acres           0 Pts (4 lost)

Girls Results:

1: Dene Magna      10 Pts (2 wins)

2: Wyedean            5 Pts (1 Win, 1 lost)

3: Five Acres          0 Pts (2 lost)

4: Newent               No show





Quick Sticks Hockey

Well Done to all the teams who took part in a dry but chilly North Forest Quick Sticks event on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at Newent School.

We saw both A and B teams take part this year in this School Games tournament and 'Tibberton A' team and 'Ann Cam B' teams will both go through to the Spring Games Finals, from the final matches, well done both teams.

The Newent Sports leaders did an excellent job supporting the event with their volunteering and umpiring and it is also with great thanks to Jane Price from Newent Hockey Club who helped with the training of the leaders and co-running the event to link to the community.

Listed is the A and B teams and finishing positions.  A teams:  1st Tibberton, 2nd Hope Brook, 3rd Forest View, then 4th Picklenash,  5th Ann Cam, 6th St Briavels, and 7th St Whites. The B teams full results were: 1st Ann Cam, 2nd St Whites, 3rd Hope Brook, then equal 4th Redbrook, Tibberton.

Really good night of hockey and we thank all the schools and parents who came along to support it. 




Under 13 Secondary Table Tennis 

We held the Secondary Table Tennis Under 13 Boys and Girls Forest Competition on Thursday 15th November.  4 teams took part including Newent and Wyedean Schools.  
From the off Dene Magna dominated the whole competition with the Girls and the Boys teams winning all there matches and the Boys B only losing against the A team. The teams will now go through to represent the Forest Schools in the School Games County Finals at Cheltenham YMCA on Tuesday 4th December.

A great effort from all the teams and just to thank all the PE staff and a few of our students who supported the running of the competition.




Primary Cross Country 2018-19



The weather was kind to us as we ran the Primary Team Cross Country at Five Acres School on Thursday 4th October.
We had 240 year 5 & 6 pupils running the team challenge event with Highnam School  flying high by winning the Girls Race and coming equal first in the boys races.  In 2nd place for the girls teams were Coalway and Berry Hill in 3rd.
The boys race was very close with Berry Hill and Highnam sharing the top spot with equal 1st place and Hope Brook in 3rd.  All the teams did themselves and the schools proud and a special thank you goes out to Dave Lucas and the super effort of the 22 Five Acres School leaders who helped run the races with the School Games Organiser.
A few pictures of the day:
Special Olympics Gloucestershire Taster Day- Tuesday 23rd October 2018

During this October half term nine of our hard working Dene Magna students volunteered supporting the inclusive Special Olympics event.  This event was offered so young people with disabilities in Gloucestershire could attend Leisure At Cheltenham & The Prince of Wales stadium to try activities such as archery, cycling, gymnastics, boccia, football, golf and cricket.

Our students were outstanding and put in the extra effort to make sure all who attended had a good, enjoyable time whilst learning a potentially new skill.  The Dene Magna students attended with the Forest of Dean School Games Organiser Alan Beard hosted at the school. 

Alan said.  ‘We had volunteers leading from Hartpury College, the University and our own Dene Magna students.  I would like to thank our volunteers for their enthusiasm, professionalism and great engagement whilst supporting the event, they should all be proud of their positive contribution.’ 





It was a good night for the Forest of Dean Schools at the Gloucestershire Active Schools Awards  on Thursday 13th September at Cheltenham Town Hall

There were so many exceptional examples of physical activity, participation, volunteering and leadership with Dene Magna School being finalists of School Games participation.  We had Forest Schools winners in three categories, congratulations to Berry Hill, Steam Mills and Newent School.  Please see a full list of the winners on the night:

Level 2 Primary School Participation in the School Games - Cirencester Primary School
Level 2 Secondary School Participation in the School Games - Cheltenham Bournside
The GHLL award for wellbeing - Berry Hill Primary School
Hartpury College Young Leader of the Year - Cerys Dolloway
The LOC Award for Young Volunteers/Leaders - Primary - Joint - Dylan Sullivan, Charlton Kings' Infant School & Fleur Ogurchak-Wood, Avening Primary School & Kingsway Primary School
The LOC Award for Young Volunteers/Leaders - Secondary - Tom Summers, Newent Community School
Whole school improvement - The Catholic School of St Gregory the Great
Upskilling staff in teaching PE and sport - Steam Mills Primary School
The engagement of all young people in physical activity  - Joint - Kingsway Primary School & Moat Primary Academy
The Level 3 Gloucestershire School Games Achievement Award  - Stroud High School

The photos show a snap shot of the evening with Berry Hill collecting their award, the drummers entertaining the audience and Tom Summers from Newent school the winner of the young leaders award with head of PE Steve Edgell & Forest School Games Organiser Alan Beard. 



Fun Four

Our last Primary GPJ Multi - Sports ‘Fun Four’ South Forest event took place at Wyedean School on the Tuesday 17 July 2018. 

We had over 168 students from 14 schools attend the event, which was run by our School Games Organiser (SGO) and a team of Wyedean School Leaders with great support from their Head of PE, Mr Didcote.

SGO, Alan Beard, said, “This is the first time we have run the GPJ Sport’s event in this way and we felt it was a huge success. We learnt some valuable lessons on how we carry this on in the future.  

I would like to thank the Leaders from Wyedean who worked so hard to offer a fun event for the students which, in turn, keeps the students competitive, adds to their healthy lifestyle whilst they also have fun in the process”.

Well done to all 14 schools who took part and to Primrose Hill who won the large school award, Yorkley School who won the small school award and Wollaston School who won the Best Teamwork award from this South Forest of Dean Final.  


Try-net Session for Primary Schools

Through our School Games Organiser, Alan Beard, the PE Department at Dene Magna offered a Try - Net (Rugby & Netball) introduction session to Primary School Year 6 pupils on Tuesday 10 July.

Our PE staff offered the fun session as an introduction to secondary sport and were assisted by Ceri Large from the RFU who also offered out information on local rugby clubs.  

Our thanks goes out to Mr Griffiths, Mrs Hill, Mr Underwood, Miss Duggan and Mr Beard for this afternoon session.


GPJ Multi Sports North Forest Finals

On 4 July we held a trial new look GPJ Multi-Sport North Forest Primary Finals at Newent School with their leaders.  They did a great job running the four events on the school field. 

We had an award for the highest scoring large school, small school and best team work award on the day.  Our congratulations to Picklenash School who won the large Schools event, Soudley School who won the small schools and Newnham School who won the best teamwork award.

Thank you to all the schools who tried out the event this year, Ann Cam, Hope Brook, Huntley, Tibberton, Woodside, Littledean, Lydbrook and Mitcheldean Schools.  They all worked incredibly hard on the day and thanks to Newent School, their ground staff who helped us set out the areas and let us use the grounds. 



Quad Kids

Primary ‘Quad Kids’ Forest of Dean North area, was hosted by Dene Magna on Thursday 7 June on the Dene Magna School field.

Our Year 10 and Year 9 leaders did a wonderful job of offering the four athletic activities including the 50 metre sprint, vortex throw, standing long jump and 400 metres.

All 14 schools performed well from their Year 3 & 4 across the North Forest area with Mitcheldean School coming out on top as the very worthy winners.  Some of their team had the highest scores individually as well as within the team. They now go on to the School Games to represent the North Forest area.  


School Games Finals 2018 

School Games Secondary & Primary Finals at Hartpury College 14 & 15 June. 

The Forest of Dean Schools were well represented at both Finals at Hartpury College.  We had many Primary Schools in the events of Mountain Biking, Archery, Quad Kids & Pentathlon all performing brilliantly.

Dene Magna had made it to the Finals in Softball, Mountain Biking and the SEN Kwik Cricket. Collecting 3rd place medals for Mountain Biking.

Five Acres School placed themselves very well with 3 Gold medal positions for their Year 8,9 & 10 teams so a huge congratulations to their teams.  

Well done to all the schools who made it to the Finals and it was great to see so many schools from across the country taking part.



GPJ Soccer 7’s Final at Newent School

Lydney School walked away with the GPJ Soccer 7’s trophy at Newent School on 21 June.  Well done to Highnam, Primrose Hill, Lydney and Ann Cam Schools who progressed to the Forest of Dean Fnals.

All the games were close and anyone of the four teams could have won this very tight tournament.  All level on points, only match play and goal difference could separate 1st from 4th!

Many thanks to the Sports’ Leaders from Newent School, Mr Edgell the Head of PE & Mr Beard the School Games Organiser.   Well played to all the teams and very some talented individual skills on a warm and sunny afternoon.



Mini Reds Tennis at Lydney Tennis Club

Six primary school teams played in the Mini Reds Year 3 & 4 Forest Finals on Friday 29 June at Lydney Tennis Club. 

Many thanks to Newnham, Redmarley, Pillowell and Lydney Schools who did so well considering the soaring temperatures.  

Well done to Redmarley Team who came top on the day and Lydney who came second, both go through to the County Finals at Oxstalls Sports Park.

Alan Beard, the School Games Organiser said, “It’s very important to run events linked to local clubs, where we can. I would like to thank Rachael & Cath from Lydney Tennis Club for helping run and support this School Games event”. 


Level 2 School Games Secondary SEND Kwik Cricket

On Wednesday 6 June Five Acres, Newent and Dene Magna School all took to the field on the Newent School Astro to play out a series of games to decide who will represent the Forest at the School Games Finals on the Friday 15 June.
We witnessed close matches by all the teams with Dene Magna edging out the opposition and winning this level 2 School Games Competition!
Many thanks to Newent School for holding the event and thank you to all the student competitors from the schools, for trying so hard and showing some real skills during the day.  We experienced some good team and individual performances of Kwik-cricket throughout the afternoon. 

Mountain Biking - South Forest Level 2 at Wyedean

We ran a Primary Mountain Biking Competition at Wyedean School on Tuesday 5 June for 10 teams to battle against each other to gain a place at the Summer School Games in June.
We would like to thank Wyedean who let us host the event on the school grounds and their student volunteers who did a great job with the timings of all the race events.
All the competitors were timed for the fastest lap individually followed by two team race finals, where the competitors individually had to race twice around the course in a team of four offering 8 laps in total.   The team race was very exciting and Wollaston School came out on top by only a few seconds from Berry Hill school closely followed by Primrose Hill in third place.
Well done to all the competitors and we hope Wollaston (South Winners) & Pauntley (North Winners) do well at the County School Games Finals at Hartpury College. 

Big Health and Social Care Day

Well done to our Dene Magna Sports' Captains who volunteered to help hundreds of young and older people with a variety of sporting activities whilst attending the 10th Big Health & Social Care Day on 22nd May at Oxstalls Sports Park.
Our students accompanied Alan Beard, our School Games Organiser, as part of a team of volunteers from various establishments including Hartpury College to help run these activities.   The activities can be accessed by all people in the community with severe mental health and other disabilities who live across Gloucestershire.  
Our students all contributed in an outstanding fashion on the day and worked well together to make the event a real success. 

Primary Archery

We had a superb day of Archery at The Dean Academy on 11th May.  8 schools had the opportunity to try out the sport and grab a chance to reach the School Games Final.
In the final rounds we saw a close competition between Yorkley School and Lydney School with Lydney coming out the winners.  Well done to all the schools who took part, thanks to The Dean Academy for letting us use the fields and many thanks to Meg and Tia our top volunteers and the Xperience Archery team. 

Soccer 7s - South Schools

We had 11 teams play in the GPJ South Tournament on 3rd May at The Dean Academy.  The games were supported by Forest Sports Education Students who were on great form refereeing all the games.   Littledean, Pillowell, Coalway, St Johns, St Whites, Blakeney, Berry Hill, Wollaston and Bream took part with Primrose Hill and Lydney rising up from the pool games to go forward to the final against the schools from the North area, Ann Cam and Highnam in June.

Quad Kids

On Thursday 10 May we ran a Quad Kids event at The Dean Academy School for Year 3 & 4 students. It was a fantastic day with over 150 students from 14 schools taking part.

I would like to thank the Hartpury Sport’s Leaders who were fantastic on the day and the staff for helping us with competitions this year.  

St Whites won the team event with Coalway and Primrose Hill a close 2nd & 3rd.  St Whites will go on to the Gloucestershire School Games on Thursday 14 June.


SEN Panathlon School Games

We ran a School Games Primary SEN Panathlon event at Hartpury College with their well trained Hartpury Leaders and Coordinator Chris Sugden from Panathlon UK.

10 Schools took part and Mitcheldean School came out the eventual winners.  They go on to the Gloucestershire School Games on 15th June.

A special thank you goes out to Laura Simmonds from Hartpury and her Hartpury College Students who were outstanding on the day.  Pictures of the Leaders and staff on the day.


Soccer 7s

The School Games Organiser and Newent School ran our North School’s Soccer 7s event on May 1st on the Astro area at Newent.   All 9 teams put in some good football skills over the afternoon and evening in their pool matches, with Ann Cam and Mitcheldean winning their individual pool groups.  

They went on to play Highnam and Picklenash in the semi finals, with Ann Cam and Highnam winning and now go onto the GPJ finals in June.   Many thanks goes to the Newent School Leadership students who did a fantastic job with support of their Head of PE, Mr Edgell.

Pictures shows one of the teams and the student leaders.



Mountain Biking Trials for Summer Games

Dene Magna hosted the Secondary School’s Mountain Biking competition on Wednesday 25 April. Wyedean, Five Acres, Newent and Dene Magna Schools all took part.  There were six different competitions for students from Year 8, Year 9 and 10.

The competition was strong and Dene Magna’s Year 8 Boys and Year 8 Girls won their team races.  Five Acres School were really strong and won the Year 9 and Year 10 Boys' and Girls' races. Well done to all the riders on the day. 

These winners will go on to compete in the Summer Games at Hartpury College on the 15 June.  A special thank you goes to our Dene Magna volunteers and PE Staff who helped run the event and Marshall the course.  We cannot run these events without volunteer leaders so they deserve some high praise. 


Gloucestershire Rowing Finals

Three Forest of Dean secondary schools represented Gloucestershire at the Start Rowing Finals at Hartpury College on 24 April.

Dene Magna, Newent and Wyedean all competed really well across Year 8,9 & 10 and were highly placed in a series of individual and team competitions.  The Year 8 Boys team proved themselves to be very strong from Dene Magna and won their round.

Thanks goes to the Rowing National Governing Body at Hartpury for running this School Games event. 



Mountain Biking

We ran our first Primary Mountain Biking race of 2018 on Tuesday 17 April at Newent School.  15 Primary teams took part from the North Forest area and the overall winners were Pauntley School who were worthy of their first place and will be one of two schools who will take part in the Gloucestershire Summer School Games in June.
Our thanks goes out to all the student volunteers who supported and helped run the event with the Forest of Dean School Games Organiser.


School Games Indoor Rowing

The School Games offered a local Forest event along with the Hartpury College Rowing department on March 2nd. Dene Magna was one of the schools who took part in the first local Indoor rowing event alongside Newent and Wyedean Schools.
The event was pulled together with Hartpury, Active Gloucestershire, Newent School and our School Games Organiser, Alan Beard.  The event although still in development experienced really good performances from our Dene Magna students from Year 7 though to Year 10.  The positive news is that all 3 Schools from the Forest go through to the county finals on the 24th April at Hartpury College!

GPJ Girls’ KS2 Indoor Football finals

went ahead on Thursday 22 March.  We experienced some really good games and the worthy winners were Highnam School who won all their matches, with Mitcheldean Primary coming in a close 2nd place.

Well done to all the schools who made it through the qualifying rounds.

Thank you to Hartpury College students who supported and helped run the event.



Quick Sticks Hockey—South Forest Schools

South Forest Schools’ played brilliantly in the Quick Sticks Hockey tournament at The Dean Academy on Wednesday 7 March.  Some great matches were played with Primrose Hill and Tutshill School now going on to join the North Forest Teams, Hope Brook & Tibberton, to represent the Forest of Dean area at the Spring Games on Tuesday 27 March at Cheltenham College.

Primary County Cross Country

The County Cross Country Finals were held on Saturday 10 March at St Edwards School in Cheltenham.  The Forest of Dean was represented by 36 students from Year 5 & 6 from over 15 schools who ran a very challenging hilly course.

We had 4 students who came in the top 10 over the 4 races, 1 from Yorkley School and 3 from Highnam School, which is impressive.  

They now all go on to the Cross Country UK Finals in March at Leicester. 

High Fives Netball Qualifying Rounds

Last week saw the qualifying rounds of the High Fives Netball.  The North event took part at Newent School on Tuesday 6 March and the South event took part at The Dean Academy on Thursday 8 March.

The winners and runners up from both areas play in the Forest Finals on Monday 12 March.

Great work by Janice James & Sandra Carter from Lyndean Netball Club!


High Fives Netball Forest Schools Finals

The High Fives Year 5 & 6 Netball Finals took place at Dene Magna on Monday 12 March. 

Only 2 of the 4 teams would qualify for the next round on this day, so the competition was tight between Lydbrook, Primrose Hill, Westbury and Forest View Schools.

The overall winners were Westbury & Primrose Hill who now go on to play in the County Finals during the Spring Games on Tuesday 27 March.

Huge thanks to Janice James and Sandra Carter from Lyndean Netball who supported Alan Beard through the qualifying rounds and finals.  Best of luck to the teams as they go onto the next round.

GPJ Girls' Indoor Football South Forest Schools Finals

The South Forest Girls' Indoor Football Finals at Key Stage 2 were held at Forest High School. The event was run with the support of Hartpury students along with Berry Hill, Pillowell, Primrose Hill, St Whites, St Johns, Blakeney and Lydney schools in attendance.

We watched some good football with Blakeney beating Pillowell in a fantastic final.  Both teams will now go onto the Forest Finals later in the term. 

Well done to the teams who all played so well and thanks to Hartpury College students for their support and Forest High for being such good hosts.  The Forest now have four teams in the finals; Blakeney, Pillowell, Highnam and Mitcheldean. Good luck everyone!

In red - Blakeney 


North Forest Schools' Gymnastics Festival

The North Forest Schools' Gymnastics Festival was held at Dene Magna on Thursday 22 February.   We saw some great ‘First Steps Gymnastics’ from the 8 primary schools in the tournament with Hopebrook School producing the best performance. Hopebrook now go forward to the Key Steps Gymnastics Finals on Monday 5 March at the University of Gloucestershire.

We would like to send our thanks to all the volunteers who helped support the day, including our head judges Autumn and Ron.  

We also had fantastic helpers from 5 of our own DM students who judged and helped with equipment. Many thanks to Charlotte Cotterell (8W1), Lily James (9W1), Lucy Smith (10W1), Joss Moore (7J1) and Katie Afflick (9F1) for all their help and great work on the day.  

Gymnastics Y3 & 4 First Steps South Forest Competition

On Thursday 25 January at St John’s on the Hill Dean Close School our Southern Area Primary Schools were invited to take part in the School Games Gymnastics.

We would like to thank Tracey Skirton for judging the competition and St John’s and their students for holding and supporting the running of the event.

In a very close scoring competition Primrose Hill School won the event from St John’s and Yorkley.  

The North festival will take place on 22nd February at Dene Magna.

Sports Hall Athletics

Primrose Hill Primary School sports' leaders Luke Cunliffe and Isabelle Kiely received their Gold Award from the SGO Alan Beard on behalf of their school.    They collected this award for all the hard work they achieve at the school.  The school offer a wide array of sport and physical activity for all their students and have gone above and beyond with a programme of activity within the curriculum and after-school and community to a high level.

They have had a successful year so far making the School Games County Finals in the  Sports Hall Athletics and the First Steps Gymnastics.  

Primary County Cross Country Selection Race

As part of our School Games Programme we organised the Forest of Dean cross country selection race at Newent on Tuesday 30 January.
We had over 25 primary schools from the Forest of Dean taking part with the opportunity for up to 40 students to go through to the County finals.  Students from a mix of Schools qualified for the County Race which will be held in Cheltenham on Saturday 10 March.
All the students who took part were really excited and worked hard to finish the nearly 2 km race.  Alan Beard our School Games Organiser (SGO) would like to thank the volunteers and the support of Steve Edgell, the Head of PE at Newent School.

We'd like to extend our congratulations to Mitcheldean Primary who were the overall winners in this years KS2 North Forest Girl's Indoor Football Tournament.

This was the first tournament of the year, kindly hosted by Newent School. Other schools in the tournament were Forest View school, Highnam School, Mitcheldean School, Tibberton School and Ann Cam School.

We saw some excellent football from all teams with Mitcheldean School the overall winners.  Many thanks to the volunteer leaders from Newent School who helped run the event. 
Mitcheldean will play the winners of the South Forest Schools to see who will become the GPJ Forest of Dean indoor Football champions.  Good luck girls.
            Some of the teams taking part with two of the           In Red - Mitcheldean, Overall North School Winners
                    young volunteers from Newent 



Super Primary Schools' Sports Hall Athletics

Dene Magna had the pleasure of running a 'Super Primary Schools' Sports Hall Athletics Event' on Tuesday 5 December.  All 25 Primary Schools were on great form and it was a brilliant advertisement for activity!  

I would like to thank Adam from Sports Hall Athletics and the superb support from the volunteers from Hartpury College and Dene Magna School, we could not have run this event without them.

 The Results were split into small and large schools as follows:

Small Schools:

1:  Yorkley School
2:  Lydbrook School
3:  Hope Brook School

Large Schools:  

1:  Primrose Hill School
2:  Forest View School
3:  Picklenash School

Well done to all teams and congratulations to Yorkley & Primrose Hill. They will now go on to represent the Forest of Dean in the Winter School Games on 5th February at Cheltenham Ladies College. 

Primrose school winners of large schools (in green). 
Many thanks to all the Dene Magna volunteers, you did a fantastic job!


Quick Hockey Tournament

On Wednesday 15 November the Forest of Dean School Games ran the North Forest area Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament at Newent School, supported by Newent Hockey Club. We experienced some really good games over the evening. 
The semi finals and the final were very gripping with one of our feeder schools, Hopebrook CofE Primary becoming worthy winners.  Our School Games Organiser, Alan Beard, who is hosted at Dene Magna School, thanked all the students who took part noting how proud all the students should be of their sporting efforts and very good behaviour. 
The overall results were:
1st  - Hopebrook
2nd - Tibberton
3rd - Pauntley
Hopebrook now go on to represent the North Forest area in the Spring School Games in Cheltenham next year.