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Key Stage 3

KS3 Topics:

Key Stage 3 science is where we capture students interest and inspire them by sharing the diverse world of science each lesson. Lesson’s are always varied and filled with practical work to help students understand the wide ranging topics we cover. The KS3 curriculum spirals into GCSE as we move in to Year 9 and beyond. 

7B1 The Basics of Life
7B2 Ecosystems & Life Processes
7C1 Physical Changes & the Particle Model
7C2 Atoms, Elements & Mixtures
7P1 Energy
7P2 Forces

8B1- The Body
8B2- DNA and Inheritance
8C1- Elements and Reactions
8C2- Chemical Reactions
8P1- Waves
8P2- Electricity and Magnetism

How many lessons per fortnight? 7

ILT information: 

Students receive ILT once a week and it is due in the following week. ILT will always be set on the same day and handed in on the same day to prevent confusion. 

ILT can be a variety of activities from spellings to learn, projects to make presentations to prepare or assessments as described below.


In each topic students are assessed three times. There are two assessed ILTs and one test per topic. 

There are also End of Year examinations that occur during Timetable roll over.

Out of classroom opportunities: Cheltenham Science Festival Visit, Science Christmas Lectures, Science Club and FameLab

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