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Head of Department: Mr M Osborne 

Syllabus Title: Sociology

 Examination Board: AQA

Length of course: 2 years

Entry requirements:  GCSE grade 5 (or above) in English and Maths.

A good grade in GCSE Science will also be an advantage.


A-Level Sociology is a fascinating exploration of the way society works, it is the study of the world we live in and how individuals, groups and institutions inter-relate.

This course focuses on education, families, crime and media. Students develop the knowledge and skills to reflect on society from the perspectives of others whilst also forming their own ideas about the world. The subject facilitates the development of skills in analysis and evaluation. As a social science, the subject is designed to teach students critical evaluative skills when undertaking and considering research, and when developing evidence-based arguments.

Throughout the course, students will apply the perspectives of different sociologists whilst exploring identity, culture, socialisation and differentiation.

Topics studied:

Theory and Perspectives:

  • Marxism

  • Functionalism

  • Postmodernism

  • Interactionism


Families and Households:

  • Social structure and social change, focusing on policy and economy

  • Changing patterns within the family

  • Diversity of families and household structures

  • Gender roles, domestic labour and power relationships within the family

  • The nature of childhood

  • Demographic trends in the UK


The Media in Society:

  • Traditional and new media

  • The impact of social media

  • Topical issues such as the representation of different social groups in the media and to what extent audiences are influenced by the media and its owners


Crime and Deviance:

  • The nature of crime and deviance in society

  • Causes of crime and deviance

  • The criminal justice system

  • The impact of globalisation

  • Shifting crime rates between different groups in society


Education and Research Methods:

  • The role of the education system in society, exploring reasons for different levels of achievement and the impact of government policy on the education system

  • Research methods


Paper 1: Education and Methods in Contexts - 2hrs, 80 marks (⅓ of total grade)

Paper 2: Families and Households, and The Media - 2hrs 80 marks (⅓ of total grade)

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance, and Theory and Methods - 2hrs 80 marks (⅓ of total grade)

Post A Level: 

A-Level Sociology is a great introduction to a number of career paths, thanks to the focus on society, government policy and behaviour. Students may go on to a career in the police or criminal justice system, public relations or media communication, local government administration, planning, or education and social care. University courses value an A-Level in Sociology, as students already have good experience in undertaking independent research, which provides a foundation for further academic study.

What the students say about this course: 

“It’s really interesting learning about how society works and exploring different points of view”

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