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Syllabus Title: Sociology

H580 Examination Board: OCR

Assessment Outline:

Component One: Socialisation, culture and identity

Introducing socialisation, culture and identity. Themes developed through the context of one of three options:

  •   Families and relationships
  •  Youth subcultures
  •  Media 

The study of this unit will enable you to understand the link between socialisation and the creation of identities. You will consider the implications of the nature/ nurture debate for an understanding of socialisation and explore the overlap between formal and informal social control for work, education and religion. You will also be exploring the ways in which identities are created and how they can change. 

Component Two: Researching and understanding social inequalities

You will learn how social research is guided by theory and then use these concepts in an evaluative way when considering the research process and methodological theories. In exploring research methodology consider how sociological research contributes to social policy.

Component Three: Debates in Contemporary Society

Contemporary and global debates are introduced through a compulsory topic of ‘Globalisation and the digital social world’ in Section A, whilst Section B explores them in more depth from a detailed study of one of three options: either Crime and deviance, Education, or Religion, belief and faith.

Studying A level

The study of sociology is a fascinating exploration of the way society works, it is the study of the world we live in and how we as individuals, groups and institutions inter-relate. Entry Requirements: 6 in GCSE English and Maths Future Career Option