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Subject overviews

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Discover the English Department
Meet Mrs Meek who will tell you about learning English, and introduce you to the School Library.

2 Discover the History Department
Meet Miss Adams and her fellow History teachers.

Discover the Science Department
Meet Miss Clark who will tell you about the Science you will be learning.

4 Discover the Music Department
Meet Miss Burt who will share her passion for learning and enjoying music.
5 Discover the Maths department
Meet Mrs Turner and her team who will tell you about Maths at Dene Magna.
6 Discover the Languages department
Meet Miss Thomas and her team of linguists who will share how you will learn new languages at Dene Magna.
7 Discover the PE department
Meet Mr Griffiths who will show you about all the sports on offer.
8 Discover the Computing department
Meet Mr Bridgewater and his ICT colleagues.
9 Discover the Religious Studies department
Meet Mr Evans who will tell you about RS/RE .
10 Discover the Geography department
Meet Mr  Morgan and his team of Geographers.
11 Discover the Design and Technology department
Meet Mr May who will show you around the D&T facilities we have.
12 Discover the Drama department
Meet Mr Wynn who will show you the drama room and talk about school performances.