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Training Programmes

Training RoomCoaching to Improve Classroom Practice

Dene Magna has achieved international recognition as a centre for excellence in coaching skills. We believe that peer coaching is the most powerful way to improve classroom practice because it helps practitioners to reflect deeply on what they do. The training package would include:

  • Practice of active listening skills
  • Developing the art of good questioning
  • Using the GROW model to work towards solutions and commitment to action.

Moving Towards Outstanding

Dene Magna have delivered this thought-provoking programme twice at Adfecto. It is designed to help teachers unpick what ‘Outstanding’ means in Ofsted terms and focuses on the essentials of effective Teaching and Learning, including:

  • The Psychology of Teaching and Learning: Looking at what goes on in our brains; Theories of learning; Learning habits and the teacher as learner
  • Knowing their Capabilities: Looking at different forms of AfL, responding to students’ work orally / in writing; SMART assessment – teacher, peer and self – marking that makes a tangible difference
  • Lesson Design: Practice articulating WALTs and WILFs and using coaching to reflect on this – achieving clarity, genuine challenge and developing skills that are measurable / tangible
  • A Powerful Learning Environment: Exploring how we can enrich the learning experience for our students through powerful questioning.

We also offer a unique version of this package – ‘The Pursuit of Outstanding’ – which involves organising reflective opportunities for teachers including lesson observations and coaching within your own school. This is a package that will help to develop a sustainable culture of sharing good practice and learning from within.

Student Voice that has Impact

Developing a culture of increased responsibility, mutual respect and independence to help students better meet their potential and enjoy the process.  This package includes:

Option 1 – This presentation includes:
  • A presentation of different student voice strategies to enhance student responsibility where students know that they have a voice and that they are listened to.
  • How students are involved in co-constructing and developing Teaching and Learning amongst other school improvement projects.
Option 2 – Includes the above and the addition of:
  • Training students coaches and support to develop a programme to strengthen Teaching and Learning.

Raising Student Motivation through Powerful Questioning

High-quality questioning is the most powerful way to stimulate and motivate learners, leading to deeper engagement and deeper learning. This package includes:

  • Exploring intrinsic motivation
  • Socratic Questioning
  • Analysing teacher talk
  • Lesson planning built around powerful questioning
  • Coaching to hone questioning skills.

Becoming an Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Our Paraprofessional Training Team have delivered a renowned training programme to aspiring TAs from across the Forest of Dean for 3 consecutive years. They have also delivered training for Adfecto in Behaviour Management. Our Team can help you become a highly effective TA through an intensive training programme focused around the following:

  • Effective use of questioning to challenge those with SEN
  • Effective behaviour management
  • Use of coaching to develop classroom practice

Please call Kathryn Rayfield on 01594 542370 to discuss your individual requirements.