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How will Dene Magna support my child with their transition? 

• A robust transition programme is essential in preparation for learners moving from Y6 to Dene Magna. We work closely with families and partner primaries to ensure an individual package of transition is provided to each learner according to their transition needs. 

• Typically, parents/ carers will come to visit the school at the end of key stage 2, meet with the SENCO or key SEN staff, and discuss the needs of the child. Next steps are for the child to visit within school hours, however many times it takes for them to familiarise themselves with the buildings, staff and the structure of the day. 

• Transition visits take place during the summer term, with students coming for visits before building up to Induction Week at the end of the school year. 

• Careful consideration is given to the transition of learners moving into post 16 and 18 placements, support is given at every stage of the process to ensure a successful transition. Review meetings include staff from both settings, parents and student to ensure that all information is successfully passed on and there is a clear understanding of the needs of the student and how these can be met.