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Why do I need the app?

The My Child at School Bromcom app provides several benefits for parents, making it a valuable tool for staying connected with your student's education. Here are some reasons why you may find the app useful:

Communication with us: The app enables you to communicate with us more easily. You can view our school announcements and stay updated on important events and deadlines.

Convenience: The app allows you to access your students' school information anytime, anywhere, conveniently. You no longer need to rely on paper-based communication or wait for parent-teacher meetings to get updates on your student's education.

Engagement: The app can help promote parental engagement in your student's education by providing insights into their academic performance and allowing you to track their progress over time. This increased involvement can have a positive impact on your student outcomes.

Timely Alerts: We can send you notifications and alerts regarding important information, such as upcoming exams, school closures, or emergencies. This ensures that you are always informed and can take appropriate action when necessary.